!cid_DSCF0739croppedShirley Mancino is renowned for her courageous exploration of mixed media and experimental techniques.

 “My soul ‘sings’ when I work loosely and abstractly.  I love the ethereal quality that happens when I superimpose a figure on top of an underpainting, allowing the lower levels to shine through. This creates magic. My mission is to leave something to the viewers imagination.”

A sought-after art instructor, juror and critic, she has won numerous prestigious awards for her art.  Shirley delivers art workshops and presentations in her studio and throughout North America. 

“She is one of the few good artists who can also teach what they do,” says a former adult instructor and one of her art students.

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  1. Rick Sidock says:

    Hello Shirley; This is Rick at the Mill at Chaffey’s Lock. I’ve been trying to get your attention. We have a client interested in your large piece called Ghost Riders. They live the painting, hate the frame. Would you sell separately. Care to comment. Rick.

    • Shirley Mancino says:

      Hi Rick,
      Glad to hear a client loves my Ghost Riders painting and wishes to buy it. Yes, I am prepared to sell it without the frame. I have responded to your telephone call with the price. Always best to get me by email. I read it regularly wherever I am in the world. Thanks,

  2. Joan Duncan, Carleton Place, ON says:

    Hello Shirley – Spending time on your website has been an inspiration to me. I have gone a year without painting and am now ready to pick up the brushes again. Your joy of painting and enthusiasm comes through on your website. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Joan Duncan

  3. Liz says:


    I really love to receive your emails, you are an absolute breath of fresh air . I love your paintings and your passion and really look forward to the day I can participate in one of your workshops (it’s high on my bucket list!. Please keep those emails coming. I love to receive them.

    Liz Shropshall

  4. JUDY MCNAMARA says:

    Would you be interested in doing a demo?

    • Shirley Mancino says:

      Thanks for the request Judy….I would love to do one next time I am in the area…that may be in a couple of years.

  5. nora ritchie says:

    This is wonderful Shirley. You are now – very fully! – in the world of social media. You never cease to amaze me! Love your first blog entry……actually think you were always adventurous but that the quality was perhaps circumscribed by ‘life stages’. Anyway, you’re definitely more adventurous now than the average bear!
    Look forward to more blogs.

  6. Donna Copp says:

    Hi Shirley: This is going to be “most” interesting” to keep up with your blogs and new paintings. Your paintings are very beautiful and only get better.


    • Shirley Mancino says:

      Thanks for the wonderful feedback Donna. I hope I haven’t created unrealistic expectations Re: my blogs

  7. Dave Seerha says:


    I witnessed your talent at Delhi India – International Airport. You were sitting on the floor of Airport waiting area and your magical hands crafting a Rajasthani individual’s picture and I bet it looked better than the subject of the painitng. You are gifted and each one of your painting is a perfect execution of vision that is very rare to find. I am very proud to see your beautiful work and the privilege to know you personally.

    Dave Seehra
    St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.

    • Shirley Mancino says:

      Wow Dave! Thanks for the beautiful remarks..I too remember waiting for a late plane at 1 A.M., sitting on the airport floor painting and meeting you for the first time…seems like only yesterday!…was it really 12 years ago?

  8. Gail Knox says:

    Love the website, Shirley. I always enjoy your paintings. Can you put names on the paintings so we can comment on particular ones? I love the woman/fairy and the girl carrying wares on wooden yolk particularly. Looking forward to your posts…a big commitment.

    • Shirley Mancino says:

      Hi Gail, thanks for following me on my website/blog…..the Website is still under development as the luddite that is me learns the rope of word press. I modified most of the captions yesterday so hope this helps. If not just hover your cursor over any pic and you should get identifying info. Pls let me know by title which pix you were referring to. thanks for the feedback

  9. Sandy says:

    Great website Shirley, easy to navigate and beautiful paintings!

  10. Darlene Dalton says:

    i continue to be amazed with your paintings………. I am looking forward to your ‘words of wisdom’


    • Shirley Mancino says:

      Thanks for your great feedback Darlene….follow my blog and I’ll try to continue to “be wise” or maybe just be adventuresome.

  11. Shirley Mancino says:

    Thanks Judy for watching my progress with my paintings and for commenting. Please email me with all your news.

  12. judy wilson says:

    Hi Shirley, You look pretty as ever! Glad to see you still love to paint! Love, Judges

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