The Women

Since I love to paint beauty, I find painting women endlessly fascinating. Wherever I am in the world, I seek out the most beautiful women to photograph, sketch and paint. Women’s bodies are lovely, their clothing is colourful and intriguing and their hair is a beautiful dance of light and shadow. I like painting women alone, in groups and with children. I often will take an abstract piece, superimpose a woman on the top so that the figure is merely suggested and it does not obscure the under painting. This makes the piece mysterious and this is my intention.



2 Responses to The Women

  1. Gail Knox says:

    Boys Play, Girls Work and Bare Essentials are two of my favourite pieces. I think I just had to learn to use the site better. Great way to highlight your work. I like the format.

    • Shirley Mancino says:

      Thanks for trying again Gail and for your remarks…..I am making changes all the time now that I know to use firefox (Internet explorer doesn’t seem to work for me)

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