The Women

Black Lisu Porter, w/c 12 x 10 in, SOLD

I love to paint beauty. I find painting women endlessly fascinating. Wherever I am in the world, I seek out the most beautiful women to photograph, sketch and paint. Women’s bodies are lovely, their clothing is colourful and intriguing and their hair is a beautiful dance of light and shadow. I often will take an abstract piece, superimpose a woman on the top so that the figure is merely suggested and it does not obscure the under painting. This makes the piece mysterious and this is my intention.

Zanzibar, mixed media, 48 x 24 in

Maude and Elixe, collage, 22 x 18 in.


2 Responses to The Women

  1. Gail Knox says:

    Boys Play, Girls Work and Bare Essentials are two of my favourite pieces. I think I just had to learn to use the site better. Great way to highlight your work. I like the format.

    • Shirley Mancino says:

      Thanks for trying again Gail and for your remarks…..I am making changes all the time now that I know to use firefox (Internet explorer doesn’t seem to work for me)

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