Workshop Participant Comments

Participant Comments:

If you are considering this workshop, hesitate no more. Shirley is a wonderful artist/instructor and sure to move you out of your comfort zone with ease and wisdom. Great fun. C. Jacobs, Portland


“Artists take note! Shirley doesn’t give many workshops and they are brilliant!!!V Van Alstine, Perth

“I thoroughly enjoyed, and greatly benefited from, the workshop weekend!  You are an extremely dynamic teacher, you communicate so well, and  I learned so much that I will put into practice. It was very well organized and a pleasure to participate in. Also thanks to Michael for being a gracious host and a wonderful baker!” R. Austin, Ottawa

“Great learning experience and fun time. It was a great weekend, great people and an amazing, personable, helpful, knowledgeable instructor! ( also great cookies ) S. Blain, Brockville

This one is the fourth workshop that I have taken, and I always leave with my head spinning with new ideas, new information and new products. ….. You will not be disappointed! “I have learned interesting new techniques as well as how to use a variety of mediums. Highly recommended!”B Patrick, Brockville

“an awesome experience – her easy-going way of getting out of the participants what they had hidden made a fun/enjoyable atmosphere – I wanted to compare the art community of Alberta with what is happening in Ontario – I hope to return.”    W. Adams, Cochrane Alberta

“Her enthusiasm/encouragement to be loose, take risks and have fun.” A. Perly-Rae, Toronto

“An incredibly eye-opening, creative, enjoyable experience.” K. Penrose, Toronto

“Her enthusiasm, helpful and attentive to everyone’s needs.” E. Pinsonneault, Chaffey’s Lock

“I am truly inspired by your work and your style of teaching.” B. Ward, St Catharine’s

“Fresh, exciting, committed, great teacher – wow!” D. Nahon, Ottawa

“Great demos, great personal attention and encouragement.” G. Thompson, New Brunswick

“The joy, creativity/excitement unleashed in your workshop.  It was so much fun!  What helped too was that liquid acrylics are so easy.  We don’t need much skill to get a good effect.” D. Lele, Kingston

“Your teaching, your ideas, and particularly your generosity.  Very seldom we find people ready to share as you did!  You’re are very special and so was your workshop.  Looking forward for the next one! C. Delon, Ottawa

“This is an intensive class – you certainly get your money’s worth!” S. Van Slooten, Lombardy

I really love to receive your emails, you are an absolute breath of fresh air and I really look forward to the day I can participate in one of your workshops (it’s high on my bucket list). At the moment I’m based in New York and facing some challenges.Please keep those emails coming I love to receive them. L. Shropshall , New York
“great time painting with Shirley. She’s a wonderful workshop leader and instructor par excellence! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to start painting/mixed media to check her out.” V. Daly, Perth

2 Responses to Workshop Participant Comments

  1. Molly Li says:

    Reading those, I’m eager to go to take your workshop now. This is Molly, we met at the Elgin Gallery.

    • Shirley Mancino says:

      Hi Mollie, Nice meeting you at the Elgin Gallery. I will send the schedule of workshops when I work it out. You are welcome to come by my home gallery anytime before then. I would love to show you the Asia inspired paintings.

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