Workshop Materials List

  •  watercolour paper (22” x 30” 140 lb), or canvases, and 1 sanded masonite hardboard (these should be at least 16” x 20” – 1/8 or 1/4 in thick. (thinner is better)
  • NB with acrylics, paper doesn’t have to be best quality (all-purpose 140 lb paper will suffice)
  • Brushes – a variety of:  1”, 1 1/2”, 2” (dollar store, nylon or foam, house painting brushes, are acceptable – large is important!); some rounds; or normal watercolour bushes if you have them (I have some sponge ones to be used)
  • Any tools you have to move paint around (or collect these at yard sales & $ stores:  eg sponges, sponge rollers, credit cards, combs, spatulas, scrapers, turkey basters, eye droppers
  • Paint – Acrylics:  1 Yellow (cool or warm, e.g. arylide or cadmium yellow); 1 or 2 Blues (cool or warm, e.g. phthalo or ultramarine); 1 or 2 Reds (cool or warm, e.g. quinacridone red, naphol, pyrole or cadmium red); 1 white or buff; bring along any other colours you have, or want to work in (I provide the 3 primary colours -red, yellow and blue
  • Everyone: Matte or gloss polymer medium & gel medium; white gesso; spackle, or “polyfilla”, or Durobond 90 (I use dry stuff) 
  • Optional:  sand, small pebbles, eggshells, or textures and papers for collaging 
  • Water containers with lids to accommodate large brushes (e.g. margarine tubs – one for each colour & several for water (in total at least 8-10) – this is important!  (you can buy cheap tubs at $ stores- I have a supply) 
  • Mixing palette (butcher’s tray or styrofoam tray will do); small jar of rubbing or isopropyl alcohol (available at $ stores – used to make corrections) 
  • Boards (at least 2) as a support for paper (big enough for 22” x 30” paper & plastic sheets to cover painting board(s) 
  • Sketch book; inspirational materials such as photos; drawings; rubber (latex) gloves; cover-up for good clothes 
  • Large water spritzer (available at $ stores); ink; crayons; pastels; coloured pencils; or other supplies you already have on hand – optional:  old watermedia paintings (to work over and re-vitalize) 

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