Artists I Admire

Here are links to artists whose work I admire. My list gets longer and longer. In fact, I delete some regularly and add even better ones. Follow my boards on Pinterest. This is where I found some of them – it is a great site. Please let me know which ones are your favourites.

Rikka Ayasaki: great abstrated skyscapes

Richard Burlett: great Klimt-inspired figurative work

Hordur Karlsson: colourful poured abstract paintings

Carla O’Connor great paintings of women with intricate backgrounds

Edward Betts, fabulous colour and well-designed abstracts

Jean-Francois Provost: great Canadian abstract painter

Betsy Dillard Stroud:

Mary Ann Beckwith: gorgeous colours and design in abstract paintings

Ann Bagby: great figurative pieces, intricate patterns and design

Tom Jensen: very subtly coloured figurative paintings

Karen Bailey: another Canadian loose figurative paintings

Karen Rosasco: mixed media abstracts with  figures

Cathy Hegman: simplified female figures

Dorothy Bruce: – landscapes in vivid colours

Wei Tai: American Chinese artist- great abstracted horses and figures

Simon Kenny: – abstracted skies/outer space

Scott Naismith: Scottish artist – colourful and abstract big skies

Carolyn Finnell: great abstract triptychs

Anna Bocek great loose multi-coloured portraits

Donna Zagotta: abstracted people in everyday scenes

Andre Kohn: great people and dancer paintings

Itsak Tarkay: Google him. Great women. can’t find a website

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