New paintings for 2020
Headwinds III, 11 x 15, acrylic
how I did this one?: two failed pours in different colours from a number of years ago. These were poured on top of each other.  Recently, I added the face. Also some hand painted cells to integrate the two pours.







A very Different Look. I watched an online video by Karen Knutsen then used some of her techniques. This one is entitled Canada Day Fireworks, 15 x 11 in on paper, acrylic





Poured Paintings for 2018 (currently on display at the Mancino Gallery):


















Covid19 Paintings 2020: Walk Softly Into the Mystery






Sabrina, 15 x 11 in, watercolour and ink, revised

Red Trousers, 15 x 11 in, mixed media sm revised

Red Trousers, 15 x 11 in, mixed media revised


2 Responses to New/Upcoming

  1. Shirley Mancino says:

    Thank you, Monica for your kind words of praise. Not sure i responded to you before but your comment deserves to be recognized again.

  2. says:

    Shirley, your paintings, all of them!, are amazing. I could not pick a favorite, although the girl in “boys play girls work” is absolutely beautiful. I will visit your on-line gallery often just to marvel at your talent. Monica (tennis at Waterway Village)

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